Chirp is a new app that aims to bring full Twitter support to Apple Watch

Last year, Twitter made the controversial decision to kill its Apple Watch, leaving users in the dark for a way to browse the social network from their wrist. Now, developer Will Bishop has launched a new app called Chirp that aims to bring the Twitter experience back to Apple Watch…

Chirp for Twitter is a brand new application that allows users to access the core Twitter functionality directly from Apple Watch. The app supports viewing the timeline, posting tweets, and much more. There’s trending support for browsing the biggest ongoing topics, search functionality, image support, and the ability to like and retweet posts from others:

Chirp for Twitter is the best way to use Twitter on your Apple Watch. You can browse your timeline, like and retweet things, and even post your own tweets. Catch up on the latest trends in “Trending”, or search for your favourite hashtag. Chirp lets you see quotes, pictures, hashtags, mentions, and so much more

Chirp comes from the same developer as Nano, another app for the Apple Watch that brings access to Reddit to the device. Chirp is available as a free download from the App Store. The app features a tipping in-app purchase system, which allows users to choose how much they pay to unlock ‘pro’ features and functionality. Are you going to use Chirp to access Twitter from your Apple Watch? Is there a need for such an app?

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