New Apple Watch Series 4 Will Have a Higher Resolution Display

Following some leaks, the 42mm Apple Watch Series 4 will apparently have a higher resolution display. While the current model has a 312 by 390 pixels screen the new screen will run at 384 by 480 pixels. This will greatly improve size, sharpness and readability. Apple Watch applications will be able to show you more information and it is likely that new watch faces will take advantage of this by showing more complication options at the same time.

Last week in a leak (via 9 to 5 Mac) from Apple, there was at least one new Apple Watch face to be seen was showing a very new design with until now unusually designed complications. Apple Watch developers will have to adjust their apps to the new screen size. Here is to hope that maybe Watch faces will be more customizable as well.

Apple will reveal new products and updates around the iPhone and Apple Watch on September 12, 2018. Just a few more days to wait for all the juicy news. We can’t wait!