Apple Watch 3 vs Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch: which is the best for you?

“It’s best to think of the Apple Watch in four distinct generations, so far. There was the original device that was released under the name Apple Watch in April 2015, but you’ll struggle to find retailers selling this device now and you’ll probably only be able to get it second hand. It was replaced by […]

Fitbit Versa Vs. Apple Watch Series 3: Comparison Of Specs, Features

“Fitbit has unveiled a new smartwatch in hopes of giving Apple’s Watch Series 3 a run for its money. The new Versa wearable costs $199 and this is already an edge over the $329 (and up) OS-running smartwatch from the Cupertino giant. But is the new device capable of holding a candle to Apple’s wearable […]

Apple Watch 3 Vs. Samsung Gear Sport

“After using the Gear Sport for five days, my take is that although the Gear Sport is a solid smartwatch, it doesn’t come close to the Apple Watch in overall performance and integration with its smartphone partner (I paired the Gear Sport with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, by the way). Since the Gear Sport […]