Round Apple Watch could be on the way, according to awarded patent

“Apple could switch to a round display for a future Apple Watch, if an awarded patent is anything to go by. Its patent for circular screen technology has been approved and considering that the approved document also mentions a wristwatch, some speculate that the company could adopt the format. Indeed, one of the illustrations in […]

Apple Loses Patent Lawsuit, Ordered To Pay $502M To VirnetX

“Apple has been directed to pay $502.6 million in damages to VirnetX in a case that has been in the running for eight years now. The iPhone maker has been found to have infringed on four of VirnetX patents covering secure communications. VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen called the amount “fair,” according to Bloomberg. The infringement […]

Apple faces patent lawsuit over Watch’s heart rate sensor

“Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor is built on stolen tech — that’s what a lawsuit filed against the company is claiming, at least. A Michigan-based health startup called Omni MedSci is accusing Cupertino of using technology on the Watch that infringes on four of its patents, all of which reference the use of a light […]

Apple Patents Apple Watch Wireless Charging Case That Could Charge Watch Bands, Too

“If you’ve tried Apple’s highly popular AirPods, you’ll know that there’s something very satisfying about the way they charge. As you put them into the case, a magnet grabs them into just the right position and a light flicks on to let you know they’re charging. The puck that attaches magnetically to the back of an […]